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Lovestory in forest

My philosophy 

I understand that your love is a unique story, and so is the vision of your wedding day. That's why I collaborate with you closely. Whether you're exchanging vows in a rustic barn or on a top of a luxurious downtown rooftop, my passion for discovering new places fuels the ability to find beauty in every setting, transforming it into a breathtaking backdrop for your love story.

I take pride in resisting the allure of creating trendy, flashy videos that look like any other anyways. The real value comes from genuine emotion, which I aim to emphasize in every frame. Your wedding film should be a cherished memory that takes you back to those special moments, evoking the love and joy you felt on your big day, even years down the road.

Devoting plenty of time to create a wedding film is truly a key. You put a lot of energy and time into preparing your wedding day because you want every detail to be perfect. It would be unfair if I approached it any different way. That's why I only book 12-15 weddings per year. It will be my great pleasure if yours can be on my list.


Hey there! I'm Andrej, a 24-year-old wedding and elopement videographer hailing from the beautiful country of Slovakia. My approach to wedding videography is rooted in authenticity. I believe in being the invisible storyteller, seamlessly blending into the background, and allowing your day to unfold naturally. When I'm not behind the camera or exploring far-off destinations, you might find me indulging in my guilty pleasure. I am probably the biggest fan of the TV show "How I Met Your Mother." Some say my ability to tell a love story stems from the endless hours spent watching Ted Mosby's romantic adventures unfold on screen. Oh, and did I mention my love for good coffee? It's an essential companion on this thrilling journey of capturing love stories. A sip of aromatic coffee can ignite my creativity and keep me focused as I immerse myself in processing the frames of your day.

What I create

My signature defines the combination of moody, darker tones with earthy, aesthetic visuals. By embracing shadows and subtle nuances, I create a visual tapestry that embodies the depth and intimacy of your connection. The result? A wedding film that feels like a true work of art, evoking emotions that transcend the screen.

Driven by the power of music, I carefully curate a soundtrack that elevates every heartfelt moment. Each note, each beat, is selected to immerse you in a symphony of emotions, enhancing the beauty of your day and bringing your memories back to life.

My unwavering dedication to creating timeless films ensures that your cherished memories will endure the test of time, evoking the same vivid emotions years from now as they did on your special day.

So, let's embark on this adventure together! 

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